About us


Hi and welcome to our site. My name's Ben and we are a family run business in Farnham, a craft town in Surrey.


The company started when we were really struggling to find nice classy glassware to gift. We found that so much had horrible packaging and presentation. Folded cardboard boxes and annoying polystyrene foam! We place a strong emphasis on our presentation to match our products. We aim to provide great gift giving and customer service.


We believe giving a gift should be something very special and take pride in carefully designing, selecting and packaging our products. A gift should also be timeless whether in physical form or in the emotional sense and make someone smile. This provides a solid backbone and vision to our company.


We also hope to be as transparent as possible in regards to customer queries, feedback and in helping to make your experience with us something to remember.


Hope you enjoy our products and service. Please do connect with us on social channels, join our mailing list or get in touch to here more :)