how to make candles at home

How to make scented candles at home

Our scented candle making kit has been around for some time now helping all of you to make your very own luxury candles in the comfort of your home.

We learned firsthand and through a lot of mess and trial and error. There is no magic formula when making candles. The dimension's of the vessel for the candle, the size of the wick, the type of wax used, the ingredients of the fragrance oil all play an important part.

Luckily we've spent the time and effort to carefully pick and produce all the ingredients needed in our candle kit for you to easily make gorgeous smelling candles right out the box. Here's our guide which is included in the candle kit.

1. First prepare the tins and wicks. 1 bag of wax will make up 3 candles. Place a wick sticker in the center of each tin, then attach the silver wick base ontop of the sticker. Make sure the wick is standing straight. You should have 3 prepared tins.


2. Take a sauce pan from your kitchen and heat a half pan of water on medium heat. Be careful that the heat is not too high and that you are able to move the pan safely onto a work surface if the water starts bubbling vigorously.

3. Add 1 bag of soy wax into your melting jug and place the jug into the pan of water. This will allow the wax to melt safely away from direct heat.

4. As the wax melts, gently stir the wax using the whisk. Once the wax is completely melted check the temperature using the thermometer. Heat the wax up to 85c.

5. Now the wax has reached 85c remove the jug from the water pan and allow to cool naturally to 55c. This is the optimum temperature to blend the fragrance oil with the wax. At 55c add the whole bottle of fragrance oil into the pot of wax and gently stir.

6. Once you’ve added the oil to the wax and stirred its time to pour the blend into each tin. Pour up to the fill line shown on the tins. Adjust the wick to the center if required.

7. Wash the melting jug, whisk and thermometer straight after with hot water and washing up liquid.

8. Leave the candles to set, preferably in a draft free place. For best results, allow to cool for 24hrs before lighting your very own fragrance candles.