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Crystal Whiskey Tumblers, Set of 2, Lunar Oceans


A good set of tumblers will go a long way. They can and should be versatile, stylish, last the test of time and ultimately be a solid vessel for a good drink. We choose wisely when sourcing our tumblers to be just this.

All our glass tumblers are made from lead free crystal glass. They feel great in the hand and look the bees knees too. Each set are sold and presented in a luxury gift box. We hope you enjoy.

Crystal Tumblers with Platinum RimOut of stock

Crystal Tumblers with Platinum Rim

Whiskey Tumblers, Set of 2, Gift Boxed by Lunar Oceans

Crystal Whiskey Glass Tumblers

Gin and Tonic Crystal Glasses by Lunar Oceans, Gift Boxed

Gin & Tonic Crystal Glass Tumblers, Set of 2

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