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Synthetic vs Natural in the home fragrance game?
Here at Lunar Oceans, we are frequently asked about the ingredients used in our range of scented products. Common questions include “Are your fragrances all natural?” and “Do you use 100% essential oils?” In this article we’ll address those questions...
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See page for author [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Given the increasing ubiquity of the G & T, it would be fair to think that gin has never been so popular in Britain. The last year alone has seen an explosion of gin-inspired products, most recently with Aldi supermarkets...
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What’s Behind the Rise of Prosecco?
Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock these last five years, you’ll have noticed something interesting happening in the supermarkets and wine merchants of the UK – Prosecco is now everywhere. Once a tiny shred of the wine market, Prosecco...
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